Mundinha Araújo: Founder of the Center of Black Culture in northeastern Brazil explains how Angela Davis and the Jackson 5 influenced her to wear her natural hair in the 1970s

Black Women of Brazil

Note from BW of Brazil: The question of hair is a topic that is often discussed here on the blog. As Brazil has always been and continues to be dominated by a European aesthetic, even when the majority of its 200 million people would never be accepted as white in Brazil or in the world, it has been a long struggle for persons of visible African ancestry to develop a sense of pride in the texture of their hair. In the 21st century, it could said that there is a kind of black hair revolution going on in Brazil as it is more and more common to Afro-Brazilian men and women rockin’ 70’s influenced afros. This was clearly not the case in the 1970s. In this piece, a long time activist from the 76% Afro-Brazilian state of Maranhão describes her experience of accepting her natural hair and the inspiration she took…

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