Lineage (Looking into Latin America)

This Great Horrible Journey Called...

I find this odd that people don’t know and embrace the African heritage in Latin America. I mean, simply put, if Europeans bought African slaves to the Americas (not just the United States) than the obvious connection can be made. I discovered this fact after learning about the triangle trade in grade school. The English weren’t the only slave owners.

Paul Mooney tells it in a funny manner, but its truth. “I speak English” Mooney claims, “but do I look like Queen Elizabeth?” You speak Spanish, doesn’t make you a Spaniard. The cultures that embrace their African heritage are viewed as inferior. This is pitiful.

This documentary is extremely interesting and I remember watching it in college. I have friends who are descendants of Latin American cultures and they often post Facebook statuses about how people confuse them for bi-racial or black and how they don’t like it.

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