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Dominion Post cartoonist Tom Scott has had one of his cartoons re-published  in French newspaper Le Monde. His caricature of  Syrian dictator, President Bashar al-Assad, has won him accolades,


Kiwi cartoonist published in Paris paper

Acknowledgment: Kiwi cartoonist published in Paris paper


A cartoonist pokes fun at positions of authority; those in power; and established social “norms”. A cartoonist is a critic , or at least exposes contradictions so the public reader can see an issue or problem from another vantage point.

A cartoonist can also create images that reinforce evil such as racism and other discrimination – but then that raises the question; what is the point?

Reinforcing prejudice is easy-peasy; just repeat what the previous bigot said. No original thought required.

Al Nisbet’s openly racist cartoons in the Marlborough Express and The Press are examples of reinforcing preconceived prejudices. Nothing is challenged. Only reinforced.


Al Nisbet's racist cartoon (2)


290513 The Marlborough Express Al Nisbet cartoon

Acknowledgment: Marlborough Express & The Press

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