White Pete Cannot Sin

No Black Pete

Re-lie-zionTheir Lord’s Prayer? Who made up this prayer, thinking themselves our “Father”? These miscreants mean business. To rule this earth as their kingdom. Leaving us to be sanyasis begging them for some daily crumbs. It would not be half as bad if they would give us decent food. But, not only do we get experimented on with Frankenstein food, they actually make us pay for it. Worse, they overcharge us. Frankenfood is the cheapest ‘food’ they can manufacture, yet they make us pay for it as if they shipped it in from Nibiru.

If these people feed us poison bread, do we then turn the other cheek and die from all sorts of ill? We all know that they are sin. Yet, they dare demand from us that we forgive them, as they continue to attack us.

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