Why Are “Certain” American Evangelical Leaders Silent on The Supreme Court Decision and the Black Plight?

New Leaven

In an article Why the Supreme Court Said “No to Black, Yes to Gays,” Rabbi Michael Lerner says, “the Supreme Court overturned a central part of the Voting Rights Act that had been one of the main accomplishments of the Civil Rights movement for African Americans” and how “Southern states, consistent with the racist legacy of slavery which has shaped their politics for the past 150 years at least, are now rushing to put in place new rules to make it more difficult for African Americans to vote.”

I wonder where are the Robert Jeffress, the Franklin Grahams, the Rick Scarboroughs, the George O. Woods, the Al Mohlers who are standing up publicly, from their public platforms for African Americans, “While the Supreme Court decision reminds us that racism against Blacks remains far more deeply implanted in America’s economic and political institutions, and in the consciousness of many Americans

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