The Invention of the White Race – 1

Perfidious Albinos

Summary of the Argument of
The Invention of the White Race
By Theodore W. Allen (1998)

(Part One)

1. The two-volume work presents a historical treatment of a few precisely defined concepts: of the essential nature of the social control structure of class societies; of racial oppression without reference to “phenotype” factors; of racial slavery in continental Anglo-America as a particular form of racial oppression; of the “white race”–an all-class association of European-Americans held together by “racial” privileges conferred on laboring-class European-Americans relative to African-Americans–as the principal historic guarantor of ruling-class domination of national life.

I On the misleading concept of “race”

2. The concept of “race,” in the scientific sense of particular group-identifying characteristics resulting from aeons of inbreeding in isolation, has nothing to do with “race relations,” whatever that term may be taken to mean, in the four thousand years of recorded human history; certainly not in…

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