Black Folks Burden

Toni Odom

What is our burden? Accepting or not accepting White Racism. Plain and simple. Last week I experienced another racist event in my life. Sitting in my car talking to a male friend, a white man came up to the window, peered in and yelled to his significant other to call the sheriff’s department, he sees some suspicious people. My friend jumped out the car with his hoodie on and went off. He turned to me and told me to call the police. Like every Black woman you want to protect. You can see the flashing lights, the police batons, the bullshit and the drama. I got out of the car got my friend and hugged him. He hugged me back and told me he loved me. I told him the same and asked that he please go inside. The show of affection dumbfounded the two white folks. He was going…

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